Antonio Rosmini was a great philosopher and theologian, as well as a profound spiritual master. He had his vocation as a writer confirmed in no uncertain words by a number of Popes: Pius VII, Pius VIII, Leo XII, Gregory XVI, and Pius IX. They knew the power and solidity of his ideas and urged him to “take people by means of reason to lead them to religion”.

Rosmini wrote more than 100 volumes on philosophy, theology, and spirituality. Translation into English began in earnest, but not in a systematic way. It was only in the early 1990s that a decision was taken to produce an accurate translation of all the works of Antonio Rosmini, and this work was committed to two outstanding Rosminian priests, Fr Denis Cleary and Fr Terry Watson.

They were fortunate to be helped in their endeavour by a trust set up by an Italian benefactor, which allowed them to buy a house in Durham and to publish over 30 volumes in the English language, posting them, free of charge, to all major Universities and Colleges worldwide, as a means of spreading the philosophy and theology of their Fr Founder.

They made a careful selection of the books to be translated, following the principle that translation of the major works of philosophy had their priority. Today, thanks to their efforts, English-speaking readers have the opportunity of become acquainted with Rosmini’s teaching on Epistemology, Ethics, Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy of Right, Theodicy, Theosophy, and Politics. They did not neglect the theological and spiritual writings, but offered, from time to time, translations of the most important of them, such as the Constitutions of the Institute of Charity, God’s gift of Love, the Maxims of Christian Spirituality, and many others.

Today, Rosmini Publications operates within the same objectives: translation of the works, distribution to all major learning Centres, writings about the philosophy, theology, and spirituality of Blessed Rosmini, articles and the use of other means provided by modern means of communication to help the people of today overcome their existential problems with the aid of a powerful source of ideas.

Rosmini’s writings are highly persuasive: reading his works is an immersion into light and into truth, and a feeling of love and of longing for the fullness of truth and charity in the Trinitarian God. Many people have had their life changed radically by the encounter with the writings of Antonio Rosmini.

This website is meant to keep people up to date on the works of Blessed Rosmini, and to give an opportunity to all to view beforehand all published books, and to buy them. It is also meant to provide explanations of our discussions on Rosmini’s views, making it a true means for exchanges and clarification.

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