Antonio Rosmini was born in 1797 in a very wealthy, aristocratic family in Rovereto, a beautiful town in the region of Trentino, North of Italy. In 1828 he founded the Institute of Charity at Sacro Monte Calvario, Domodossola.

As the Institute grew in members, it grew also in religious Houses and works, in Italy and in the United Kingdom, and later in Ireland, USA, Tanzania, Kenya, Venezuela, New Zealand, and India. This Gallery is a witness to the people and places in the life of Rosmini, and to the spiritual works of the Institute of Charity. This Gallery is also an invitation to read the life of Rosmini, in order to become familiar with the Popes who encouraged him to continue to write, and who showed him great friendship and admiration for his holiness, wisdom, immense knowledge, and love for the truth. Coming from an aristocratic family, Rosmini had his portrait painted on many occasions.

The most famous, perhaps, is this portrait painted by Hayez.