Rosmini was declared a “Blessed” by Pope Benedict XVI in 2008. This is the first step towards declaring him a saint and, we hope, a doctor of the Church. He has always been admired for his holiness and his profound spirituality. He is an acknowledged master of the spiritual life. His fundamental book on his spirituality is MAXIMS OF CHRISTIAN PERFECTION, a very short book extremely rich as an interpretation of the essential teachings of the Gospel. Other books include THE SPIRITUAL CALENDAR, beautiful gems of spirituality for each day of the year, and THE ASCETICAL LETTERS (8 Volumes), which are a selection taken from the 14 Volumes of the complete collection of Rosmini’s Letters. The CONSTITUTIONS OF THE INSTITUTE OF CHARITY – Called to be saints together – is another book which opens up Rosmini’s spiritual treasure, rooted in the Gospels, the writings of the Fathers of the Church, a long list of ascetical writers through the centuries, and especially the holiness of his life. Readers will find the ever-growing collection of books on Rosminian Spirituality truly helpful and enriching.

Ascetical Writings / Letters

Throughout his time in study, both during his time of great consolation when he was accepted by various Church officials, and in his times of sorrow when his work was considered as dubious, he wrote extensively to confreres...


Maxims of Christian Perfection

It comes natural to think of the six Maxims as the “six jars full of excellent wine”, like the six jars at Cana of Galilee after the first miracle of JESUS.


Spiritual Calendar

A thought for each day of the year. This new edition of the Spiritual Calendar provides a welcome opportunity to make contact with the vibrant...