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Explore the numerous works of Blessed Antonio Rosmini


On the basis of a solid solution to the problem of truth, he moves on to a profound study of man, who is both the subject and the object of philosophical enquiries...



Rosmini was declared a “Blessed” by Pope Benedict XVI in 2008. This is the first step towards declaring him a saint and, we hope, a doctor of the Church. He has always been admired for his holiness and his profound spirituality...



Rosmini’s great achievement as a forward-thinking theologian with solid roots in the Bible, the writings of the Fathers of the Church, and the Documents of the Magisterium has been undervalued...


Writings on Rosmini

Most of them are in Italian; here you can find some of the books published in English over the past few decades. Worth of notice are the books which are part of the series “Rosmini Today”: so far, three have already been published...