Our Light and Our Salvation, Supernatural Anthropology

Edited and Explained by J. Anthony Dewhrist.

This is the first book in English on the Anthropologia soprannaturale (Sueprnatural Anthropology) of Rosmini. It endavours to give a concise reading of the work (the original of which runs into two volumes) ,combining quoted extracs and commentary. Extensive use is made of are given at the end of each chapter. There are two Appendices , one of which deals with extensive use of the symbols of the Old Testament. The other deals with Rosmini’s philosophical explanation of the Real Presence in the Eucharist. There is and extensive scriptural index as well as and index of names.

ISBN 978-1 899093-01-4. 240X170mm, pbk,pp.329, £10.00

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