Maxims of Christian Perfection

The Fundamental spiritual text left by Rosmini. Rosmini summaries the gospel into six maxims : three deal with the end of the Christian should put before him , and three with the means to obtain this end. Different translations and editions : Translated by Fr Antonio Belisto .This the most recent tranlastion contains an introduction and some illustrations.

2008, 115x182mm, pbk, Pp.65,£5.00

A Society of Love

Five homilies preached by Rosmini to his bretheren on the occasion of their profession in the Institute of Chrity. The homilies are centred on charity as God’s life-giving action in the soul.

ISBN 1 8999093 45 1, 115x180mm , pbk , pp 118, £7.00

God’s gift to us

An anthology of passages from the work of Rosmini about the sacrifice of The Mass , Holy Communion Eucharistic life of the soul.

ISBN 1 889093 50 8, 115x180mm,pbk, pp.129, £6.00


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