Antonio Rosmini Persecuted Prophet by Michael Hill

In this biography, the first in English for over a half a century, Michael Hill places Rosmini in the context of his family, his friends, his foes and his nation. He evaluates the impact Rosmini had on other significant figures in the church, and on his followers in the Institute of Charity and the Sisters of  Providence.
ISBN   978 0 85244 831 1, hbk, 145x220mm, pp. 281, £20.00

Antonio Rosmini by Antonio Belsito

This is more than a biography it has also a brief exposition of Rosmini‟s Philosophy, Theology and his Spirituality. The life of Rosmini is presented in the light of the contrast between his immense love and fidelity to the church and the constant persecutions and conflicts that he endured from within it.
WITNESS SERIES, pbk, 150x210mm, pp. 153, £5.00

The Diaries of Blessed Antonio Rosmini by J Anthony Dewhirst

This is the first English Translation of Rosmini‟s various Diaries. Of particular interest are „Diary of the Events of My Life‟ (also known as Diary of Charity), and „My Personal Diary‟.  The book will be of special interest for those who want to read
about the main events in Rosmini‟s life and that of his Order in his own words.
ISBN 978 1 899093 82 3, pbk, 290x170mm, pp. 244, £7.00

Antonio Rosmini: Introduction to his life and teaching by Denis Cleary

An outline of Rosmini‟s life, and a simple exposition tenets.
ISBN 0 951 3211 6 1, pbk, 115x180mm, pp. 80, £5.00

Luigi Gentili by Antonio Belsito

Fr Luigi Gentili was one of the leading men of the “Second Spring” of the Catholic Church in England and yet his life and work are little known to the majority.   A faithful disciple of Blessed Rosmini he was sent to England in 1835 to renew the Catholic faith. A good friend of Henry Newman and of other leading religious figures of his time. He exhausted himself in the preaching of Missions up and down the country. He died at the age of 49 as a result of Typhoid fever contracted as he was preaching a mission in a poor area of Dublin.
WITNESS SERIES, pbk, 148x212mm, pp.120, £5.00

A Vision for Challenging times,
An Introduction to the Thought of Blessed Rosmini by J Anthony Dewhirst

At the present day, in an increasing secular society, a sound philosophy is needed more than ever to underpin the theology of those who follow the Christian faith. This book is intended to provide the reader with the basic principles of Rosmini‟s teaching on philosophy and theology.
ISBN 978 899 093 83 0, pbk, 240x170mm, pp.173, £7.00

Spiritual Calendar by Antonio Belsito

The book offers a careful selection of brief teachings of Blesssed Antonio Rosmini for every day of the year, taken from his letters and other works.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY, pbk, 139x217mm, pp.127, £5.00

The Five Wounds of Holy Church by Antonio Belsito

This is a precious theological book on the Church which Rosmini loved with all his heart. Abandoning the technical and dry language of Neo Scholasticism, he adopted a passionate a warm language of the Bible and of the Fathers of the Church. Pope Paul VI called it a “prophetic book”.
ROSMINI TODAY SERIES, pbk, 140x216mm, pp.185, £5.00

Antonio Rosmini and the Fathers of the Church by J Anthony Dewhirst

Rosmini‟s phenomenal capacity to read the Fathers of the Church at an early age combined with a photographic memory enabled him to absorb their teaching to an astonishing extent. This book aims to explain this by taking the reader through some of the work s of Rosmini to show his application of the Fathers. The book concludes with Appendices giving the number of times individual Fathers are mentioned in his works also giving the works of the Fathers in relation to them.
Pbk, 240x170mm, pp. 211, £7.00
The Constitutions of the Institute of Charity, the Heart of Fr Founder’s

The Constitutions of the Institute of Charity: The heart of Fr Founder’s Spirituality by Antonio Belsito

Rosmini regarded the Constitutions of the Institute of Charity as the most important expression of his spirituality and the main stay of his Order.   This book is a faithful commentary to the sections of the Constitutions with the addition of parallel teachings of Vatican II and of modern Biblical Scholarship. This book is a must for anyone involved in spiritual Formation.
Pbk, 240x170mm, pp.120, £6.00

Blessed Antonio Rosmini and the Institute of Charity by J Anthony Dewhirst

This book is intended to give the reader a comprehensive knowledge of Blessed Antonio and some of the more important historical episodes during his life. It also aims at explaining the Ascribed Members of the Institute who are its unprofessed members and the Rosminian Sisters of Providence. There are also included chapters comparing the Rules and Constitutions of the Institute with those of the Society of Jesus which so much influenced Rosmini‟s life and spirituality.
ISBN 978 1 899 093 07 6, pbk, 170x240mm, pp. 281, £7.00

My Rosmini (a cartoon life of Blessed Rosmini) by Sr M Michela Riva

This book is a response to the need for a presentation of the life of Rosmini in a simple and interesting manner suited for younger readers. However anyone can find in this booklet an accurate and detailed account of the various stages of the life and teaching of this saintly and learned man.

ISBN 978 88 6409 085 6, pbk, 149x212mm, pp. 156, £5.00